We offer you a complete range of smart tent accessories, so that your tent is always perfectly equipped for every application area and for every occasion.

Our accessories are like our tents, always with high quality standards.

Symmetry Tentweight

The Symmetry tent weight of the manufacturer Lappas Chrysovalantis is of excellent quality for long-term use. Due to its patented design, it is easy to place, fastens one on top of the other and is not easily detached from the tent pillar. It is designed so that two Symmetry tents can be joined together and in combination with Symmetry clamps provide great security in the stability of the construction even in adverse weather conditions.



The professional installation kit, which is a necessary fastening tool for the Symmetry folding tents, includes four studs and four fastening belts to secure your tent even better and more efficiently up to 1200kg strength. 

Transportation wheels (pair)

  • Quick installation and uninstall, without screws and use of tools.
  • Stainless steel base
  • Our construction
  • The Symmetry tent transportation wheels, due to their design, are easily installed in seconds on the tread of the tent without screws and without the use of tools. They can be fastened to the sole even when the tent is opened.

Led floodlights

 It is placed quickly and easily on the main pillar of the tent

 Consists of:

  • 4 Led headlights, each of 10 watts total 40 watts, (800 lumens each headlight 3200 lumens total)
  • Stainless steel base with quick installation clamp without tools
  • Waterproofing index IP54
  • Plug socket (for power supply to cash register) and on\off switch for projectors. The base with the socket switch is easily installed in any side radius
  • Self-adhesive tapes on the cable for easy and fast attachment of the cable to the frame of the tent
θερμαντικό σώμα

Infrared radiator with carbon fiber lamp, suitable for the interior of the tent.

  • Easy and quickly installation to the frame of the tent
  • 220volt
  • 4 power settings with remote control 1000/1500/2000/2500 Watt
  • Waterproof resistant IP 44
  • Rollover protection
  • Size H*L*W 20,8*72,5*5,2cm.
  • Weight 2,70kg.

Connecting clamp

The Symmetry connecting clamp allows us to combine 2 or more tents together to create a single covered and safe space in any size you want.

  • Allows the installation of rain gutters, telescopic column and other accessories
  • Easy and quick installation without technical knowledge and tools

Rain gutter

  • The rain gutter combines 2 or more tents together so you can create a single covered space in any size you want
  • The slightly sloping design of the gutter allows rain to flow between the tents
  • Installs easily and quickly with self-adhesive tapes
  • It is washable, flame retardant and waterproof like roof sails
  • There is the ability of choosing a color from the color chart of our company.