Side covers Symmetry

The side walls are made of high-quality European fabrics, printable, 100% waterproof, flame retardant, washable, extremely sun resistant and with high tear resistance.

  • They are installed easily and quickly without tools and without the need for any technical knowledge.

  • We offer them in 11 different color options, and they are fully printable both internally and externally for your advertising message. The self-adhesive tapes we use are of excellent quality and in the same color shade as the fabric you choose.

  • The sides can be produced at different heights than usual on request.

  • The fact that we are manufacturers allows us to produce special side covers tailored to your personal needs. Tell us about your need and we will find you a solution.

  • We produce our side walls in 2 different types as below:

Side cover type 1 standard

The standard side wall is fastened with self-adhesive velcro tapes in zero time. Provides maximum protection from wind and rain. It offers even more space for your advertisement.



    Side cover type 2

They are fastened with the help of dotted fabrics with self-adhesive tapes in sections to the column. This in contrast to the type 1 side covers makes them even easier to install, but they are not 100% windproof because air can enter between the broken parts of the fabric.