Folding tents Symmetry, just unique

The folding tents we manufacture are unique because:

  • We manufacture them first for us because we rent them to hundreds of our customers. Because of this, we made them with the best materials on the market.

  • We install them anywhere in the most adverse weather conditions and for long periods of time, which is why we made them durable.

  • We offer them to special customers for events, which is why we made them beautiful and with washable fabrics to be always clean.

  • We manufacture looking to the future and aiming to our long-term relationship with our customers.

High hardness stainless steel sole

It does not breaks, it does not rusts!

We may be the only company that uses stainless steel soles instead of plastic, painted metal or cast.

We have found that the soles of the tents are a sensitive point that receives great stress from hammer blows during nailing, from weights, from the wind tension, from the weight of the tent and from the humidity of the ground, which is why you can see very often the competition tents with broken and rusty soles.

So, we decided to make the soles expensive but strong.

DSC_0089 copy
σωλήνας οχτάγωνος

Octagon profile

The octagonal profile of the inner and outer column in contrast to the square, offers much more mechanical strengths.

As a result, it does not bend and does not break easily.


Rays with internal vertical reinforcement.

This offers excellent mechanical strength exactly where it is needed.

This extra reinforcement makes the difference.


Roof tensioner with self-adhesive tape.

Roof tensioner ensure that the roof will stretch evenly.