Side cover type 1 with window

The panorama side cover with a membrane window protects from the weather and at the same time gives space and light to the stage, thus creating a welcoming atmosphere inside the tent.

The membrane is of excellent quality, with UV protection, it is also soft and non-stick to fold and unfold the cover easily without breaking.

πλαινο καλυμμα τυπου 2 με παραθυρο παναρμα copy 800χ
Side cover type 1 with door

 The side wall with zipper door opens from the inside and outside. The door can be rolled up and fastened high.

Your guests will definitely feel comfortable.

The side wall with door is also necessary for dressing rooms and storage rooms.

Side cover type 1 standard

The standard side cover is fastened with self-adhesive velcro tapes in zero time. Provides maximum protection from wind and rain. It offers even more space for your advertisement.